These are some various images I have taken that begin with The Grand Canyon. The next few are of the Grand Tetons in Grand Teton National Park. The one with all the green overlooking the Snake River is atop Signal Mountain which sits in the valley below the Grand Tetons. The next image is from Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park followed by a shot from atop Horsetooth Mountain looking West near Fort Collins, Colorado.

The next 2 images are from Morgantown, West Virginia. The first was taken while crossing the bridge from Westover into downtown Morgantown. The second is from East Oak Grove Cemetery. The next three images were taken while flying from Pittsburgh to Phoenix followed by a shot of Meteor Crater which was taken while flying from Phoenix to Denver. The two following that are taking off from Bozeman, Montana and the last from the air is a little further downrange from Bozeman over Paradise Valley. The Yellowstone River runs through this valley and Yellowstone National Park is in the distance.

The last group in this set is a little closer to home starting in Kingman, Arizona and then moving to the Apache Trail. The lone shot of the dead tree is from Forest Road 300 on the Mogollon Rim followed by a few shots from my backyard.